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Cold storage door
Cold storage door is an important part of cool storage, cold storage, medium to ensure the thermal insulation while ensuring the convenience of delivery, export goods, moderate durability when used in harsh environment (there temperature change, high humidity ...). Matec's cold storage doors are mainly used to prevent cold, heat insulation. Easy-to-install, fast-acting product that delivers high economic efficiency.

Classification of cold storage doors:

+ Door hinges
+ Sliding door


- Color-coated steel should have high oxygen content, can operate with low temperature environment.
- Door safety design for the user, security lock.
- Easy to install and install.
- The system of cold storage is covered with high thermal insulation PU.


- Making doors at cold stores of supermarkets, restaurants ...
- Doors for cold storage for seafood processing factory, frozen area

Product types of cold storage door:

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