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         EPS Foam is produced at high temperatures from the raw EPS which are then put into compressed molds hydraulic under high compressive strength to form large homogenous mass, compressive force is calculated and adjusted to produce the foam mass with density (hardness) on demand. Large foam blocks are then cut into smaller and thin panels demanding on using of dedicated cutting machines. With production methods and using modern machinery, highly automated; therefore, the quality  is strictly controlled, porous particles are produced mixed together to form a homogeneous volume (in molded foam). EPS Foam with some outstanding features such as: flate surface, uniform, remarkable heat proofing and sound proofing, reasonable price is increasingly popular and widely used.
EPS Foam two types: Normal EPS foam and non-flammable EPS foam 


- Excellent fire retardancy. When a fire occurs on a porous surface, the gases exude to extinguish the flame.
- Simple construction methods bring high economic efficiency.
- Light weight, easy to move installation.
- Saving labor costs.

- Anti-heat for ceiling, roof in industrial zones.
- Use cold insulation cold storage, stew, ice water.
- Solutions for the walls of industrial parks, export processing zones, buildings or hotels.
- In the form of blocks for decoration, cutting, molding
Products of eps foam:

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