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EPS PANEL is three layers PANEL, it includes two outside layers plated Aluminium-Zinc alloy, power coating Coil and connected with insulation EPS (Expand-Poly-Styrene) layer by specialized PU adhesive. eps panel is manufactured by the most morden continuous machine system made in Korea that not only have gracefull and hight quality but also help heatproof, soundproof and non-fire for construction. Eps sandwich panel is lightweight material, hight strength, easy to install and remove, it can use multi times that bring high economic effective to customers. Eps sandwich panel is popular and widely used both in industrial and civil projects.


EPS (Expand-Poly-Styrene) is made of lightweight expanded plastic material expanded from EPS plastic at high temperature. It is then molded into the mold and compressed under high hydraulic pressure to form a uniformly large EPS foam block. The compression force is adjusted to produce EPS sheets with the required density.

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Structures eps panel


No iterm Detail
1 Two sides layer Plating Aluminium-Zinc alloy , power coating Coil 0,35-0,6mm thickness
2 Center layer Normal EPS/None-Fire EPS
3 Density 8kg/m3-40kg/m3
4 Width 1.000mm
5 Length transportation length/ (<=15,0m)
6 Thickness 50mm; 75mm; 100mm; 125mm; 150mm; 175mm; 200mm
7 color Color sample


 Light in weight.
- Heat-insulation, good sound insulation.
- Good durability.
- Waterproof.
- Competitive in price.


Widely used in factories bulkhead, cold storage, clean room panel, panel cold storage, school assemblies....

Product types of EPS Sandwich Panel:

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