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This is the perfect product for buildings, workshops, warehouses, housing ... easy to install installation. Products with outstanding advantages heat-resistant, fire-resistant, highly aesthetic and easily removable. With 3 layers: galvanized steel sheet, electrostatic coating, sound insulation layer, we will certainly satisfy the units are in demand.

Technical specification

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1 Structure +Both outsides: Galvanized and color powder coated coil with thickness: 0,35mm to 0,45mm
+ Middle layer: Insulation EPS foam’s density: 10 to 40 kg/m3.
                           Two types: normal EPS Sandwich panel and non-flammable EPS Sandwich panel
*Normal EPS Sandwich panel:
            Coil-thickness: 0,35mm to 0,45mm
             EPS density: 10 to 12kg/m3
*Non-flammable EPS Sandwich panel:
             Coil-thickness: 0,35mm to 0,45mm
             EPS density: 13 to 14kg/m3
*Receiving order with bulk 
2 Width +Used size: 1.000mm
+Product size: 1.070mm
3 Length +According to  the customer’s order ( <15,0m due to transport)
4 Thickness +50/85mm, 75/110mm, 100/135mm
5 Color +Variety of colors
+Under layer: Ivory, milk-white
+Upper layer: Blue, Ocean, Light Grey, Dark Grey
*Other colors: receive order with bulk
6 Installation +Panels jointed together by waterproof joint
7 Application +Roofing for building, factory, office, storage, living building, school,…

The outstanding features 

+ Are capable of outstanding insulation comparing with traditional products
+ Used to roof for storage, living building, factory, manufactured  building, trailer
+ Have high aesthetic value, can reuse many times
+ Have high bearing capacity

Product structure:


Application: Roofing for building with high requirements such as: seafood processing plants, electronic, medicine, food,…living house, office building, school,…Some of outstanding features like: heat proofing and sound proofing, saving electrical power, safe and durable                          

Product images at the factory

Tấm lợp 3 lớp hay tấm mái panel eps vừa chống nóng vừa chống ồn

Tấm lợp 3 lớp hay tấm mái panel eps vừa chống nóng vừa chống ồn

Some pictures complete works


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