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Nowadays this type of sings panel door is gradually becoming the choice of many works by the great advantages they bring. The open-top panel is a wing-opening, open, and user-friendly wing. Products form strong frame, extremely durable, not colorless by time, they retain the luxury of your work.

Technical specifications

  Item  Detail
   1  panel door   Sandwich Panel (EPS PU, Glasswool…) according to the order needs
   2 Thickness Panels door thickness 40mm.
 Panels door thickness 50mm.
   3   Aluminum frame  Aluminum frame for panle thickness 40 mm, white plated powder coating      
Aluminum frame for panle thickness 50 mm, white plated powder coating     
   4    Metal accessories
Hinge leaf, bolt, lock the door
   5   Glass on the door 5.0 mm clear glass or 2.38mm double-layer glass
   6  Size  Any order according to need, 1 door or 2 wings


The door has a high aesthetic, sound wing, heat insulation....


Making doors clean room, door room, warehouse door...


Cửa Panel mở bản lề

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