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High intensity xps styrofoam is a sound insulation material used for sound insulation walls, ceilings, roofs. High-pressure foam XPS is a high-strength XPS panel of 300Kpa (XPS 300) to 400kpa (XPS 400) XPS, also known as Extrude Polystryene with lightweight, high strength, easy to combine interior decoration. Other furniture. XPS is a porous foam that meets all safety regulations during production and installation.

Technical specifications

Item Unit XPS 300 XPS 400 Note
Density Kg/m3 35-38 40-42 ASTM 1622
Compressive strength Kpa (±5%) 300 400 ASTM 1621
Rate of water absorption % (v/v) <1% <1% ASTM C272
Thermal conductivity W/m.k (±5%) 0.028 0.028 ASTM C158
Width mm 600mm, 1.200mm 600mm, 1.200mm  
Length mm 1.200mm, 2.400mm 1.200mm, 2.400mm  
Thickness mm 25m, 50mm, 75mm 25m, 50mm, 75mm  


- Low thermal conductivity, high insulation index.
- Waterproof, moisture proof.
- High pressure, good compression.
- Easy to use, easy to cut shape.
- Durable (30 - 50 years) for natural impact.
- Stable in size and shape.
- Easy to transport, easy to store.
- Environmentally friendly, recyclable.
mốp xốp xps

- Sound insulation for concrete roof, roof ... for houses, villas, factories ...
- Sound insulation for gypsum ceiling system
- Sound insulation for walls, walls ... houses, houses, cool store, cold storage
- Making lightweight material for the background, sound insulation for residential floors, industry ... depending on the required compressive strength.
ứng dụng mốp xốp xps 1
ứng dụng xps 2
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