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Normal styrofoam xps is XPS type with normal compressive strength from 200Kpa (XPS 200) to 250kpa (XPS 250) material used and preferred in civil and industrial construction. Foam XPS usually provides effective construction and meet the requirements of health safety. Also easy to install, easy to use, high durability.

Technical specifications

item Unit XPS 200 XPS 250 Ghi chú
Density Kg/m3 35-38 32-35 ASTM 1622
Strength Kpa (±5%) 200 250 ASTM 1621
Rate of water absorption % (v/v) <1% <1% ASTM C272
Thermal conductivity W/m.k (±5%) 0.028 0.028 ASTM C158
Width mm 600mm, 1.200mm 600mm, 1.200mm  
Length mm 1.200mm, 2.400mm 1.200mm, 2.400mm  
Thickness mm 25m, 50mm, 75mm 25m, 50mm, 75mm  


- Anti-heat, sound insulation for concrete roof, roof ... for houses, villas, factories ...
- Anti-heat, sound insulation for the ceiling system, gypsum ceiling
- Healing heat, sound insulation for walls, walls ... houses, houses, cool store, cold storage
- Lightweight material for the background, sound insulation for residential floors, industrial ... depending on the required compressive strength.
- Make moisture resistant material for walls, floors, warehouses, workshops...

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