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Slide hanger door keep the cold air from being lost inside the storehouse through the entrance of the store. Using cold storage sliding doors is the best solution in cold storage and cold room. Made of super durable alloy, heat-resistant and shock-resistant sliding rail with sturdy structure that slides easily.

Technical specifications

  Items Detail
1  frame + wings Two sides are made of stainless steel SUS201, or stainless steel SUS 304 thickness 0.6-1.2mm
2 Core insulation layer Core insulation: PU high density 38-42kg / m3
3 Thickness door Thickness 75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm
4 Metal accessories  Sliding doors: Wheel, rails, door blocking, locking lock
5 Size door
 Sliding doors: any according to order needs


- Prevent cold air, help preserve the quality of goods or products in an effective way.
- Helps to prevent dirt, speed up quickly to facilitate the circulation of goods.
- This product brings high efficiency, good cost, fast installation speed of works, increase beautiful aesthetic works.

+ Do door cool store: preserve beer, fresh milk, yogurt, vegetables ...,
+ Making frozen store doors: beef, seafood ...
+ Do oven door, drying warehouse: dry fruit drying, food drying, drying 
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