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Swings panel door are an indispensable accessory in cold storage. Cold storage doors have many pieces of code as well as designs and different uses, but the same function is to keep the cold air from being lost inside the warehouse outside the entrance of the store.

Technical specifications swings panel door 

  Items Detail
1 Frame + wings Two sides are made of stainless steel SUS201, or stainless steel SUS 304 thickness 0.6-1.2mm
2 Core insulation layer Core insulation: PU high density 38-42kg / m3
3  Thickness door   Thickness: 75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm
4 Metal accessories Hinges, locked lock
5 Size door
+ Any according to order needs, normally 600x1600mm, 700x1700mm, 800x1800mm ...
+ 1 door or 2 wings


- Type of cold storage door with one-wing, double-window or 4-wing with 90 degree C opening angle, so it is convenient to open the door and do not hit the wall when opening.
- Doors with multi-point locking system when closed will tighten the wing frame to prevent outflow out to the maximum and effective.
- Using a 2D hinge makes it easy to calibrate doors, bolts, and doors.
- Easily removable, time saving and easy door cleaning.


Used mainly in cold storage, storage tanks to preserve the best products. In addition, they are represented in the production of aquatic products, pharmaceuticals, storage room ...
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